Meaning of cantle in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkant(ə)l/


  • The raised curved part at the back of a horse's saddle.

    ‘Failure of tack was not uncommon as well, with saddle cantles breaking and harness straps failing.’
    • ‘I led him quickly out of the pasture, and before long I had him tacked up and ready to go, complete with a saddle bag tied to the cantle of the saddle.’
    • ‘He twisted and groped one-handed behind the cantle of his saddle for his hunting-bow and quiver, found them and fumbled them loose.’
    • ‘The force of the collision sent the Norman tumbling backward, right over the cantle of his saddle.’
    • ‘While the length is one of the main criteria for rider fitting, it should be noted that the seat surface area, the twist, and the height of the cantle are also variables.’


Middle English (in the sense ‘a corner’): from Anglo-Norman French cantel, variant of Old French chantel, from medieval Latin cantellus, from cantus ‘corner, side’.