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Pronunciation /ˌkeɪpəˈbɪlɪti/

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nounplural noun capabilities

often capability of doing/to do something
  • 1The power or ability to do something.

    ‘he had an intuitive capability of bringing the best out in people’
    • ‘the company's capability to increase productivity’
    • ‘This would serve to strengthen the range of the product on offer, thereby increasing the capability to capture a wider market.’
    • ‘No other nation has such an impressive capability to project power and influence.’
    • ‘The market power resides in the capability to give less and charge more.’
    • ‘There is a capability to bring them in from all over the country.’
    • ‘They were interested in Knock Airport and had the capability of bringing a significant number of jobs to the base.’
    • ‘Camp touches the lives of all its participants and provides experiences that have the capability to transform people.’
    • ‘He should single out carefully those who have strong commitment and capability to implement any programs set by the administration.’
    • ‘He is showing his capability of being a strong and secure president through these troubled times.’
    • ‘Not many countries have the technological capability to produce and supply generic drugs even if the laws permit that.’
    • ‘Do we have the intellectual capability to understand the deepest principles behind the harmony and complexity of Nature?’
    • ‘He definitely showed his talents and capability to win.’
    • ‘We all know that India has the talent and capability to win a medal.’
    • ‘A salesperson cannot afford to make promises which the organization does not have the competence or capability to meet.’
    • ‘We're not there yet, but we have the capability of tracking products now.’
    ability, capacity, power, potential, potentiality
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    1. 1.1often capabilitiesThe extent of someone's or something's ability.
      ‘the job is beyond my capabilities’
      • ‘Some drivers are afraid to drive the car to the full extent of its capabilities.’
      • ‘Symes showed the extent of his capabilities in the club's biggest game in its recent history.’
      • ‘I was scared that things would all go wrong and that it would really reflect badly on me and my abilities and capabilities.’
      • ‘It is beyond my capabilities to comprehend the level of evil that has infected the minds of these people.’
      • ‘The cognitive capabilities and skills of robots are doubling every few months.’
      • ‘It is a condition which has affected his ability to let people know his true capabilities.’
      • ‘They were able to draw on their capabilities and reach their goals.’
      • ‘Two thousand and four concluded with the leadership capabilities of the Prime Minister still in question.’
      • ‘Through hardships we discover what we are really made of, our physical, emotional, mental capabilities.’
      • ‘There is a grain of truth here - he stubbornly refuses to accept that age matters, or there is a limit to human capabilities.’
      • ‘This mission is well beyond the capability of conventional chemically powered spacecraft.’
      • ‘The experiences the baby has in the first few years of their life determines the intellectual capability of the child.’
      capabilities, capacity
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    2. 1.2A facility on a computer for performing a specified task.
      ‘a graphics capability’
      • ‘A software feature is a capability for completing a certain task that has been designed into a system.’
      • ‘Though smaller, the chip sports better graphics capabilities and performance.’
      • ‘No real computer possesses greater problem-solving capability than that of Turing's idealized machine.’
      • ‘What if we all traded our PCs for really smart mobile phones with voice interfaces and computing capability?’
      • ‘Throw in email capability and the Google search engine, and you had, hands down, the best Web site in the world.’
      • ‘However, such software also provides Weblog capabilities for its individual members.’
      • ‘Its chips are also used in personal computers to enhance graphics capabilities.’
      • ‘Hyperlinking is a technological capability that enables one specific Web site to link directly to another.’
      • ‘The UMA switching capability is based on software from industry leader Kineto Wireless.’
      • ‘With the phone's Bluetooth capability, one can also print e-mails or images directly from the handset.’
      • ‘You can control and schedule each computer's Internet access capabilities.’
      • ‘The deal will enable VeriSign to offer multimedia messaging capabilities and interoperability services to carriers.’
      • ‘There are a lot of software packages pitching reboot capability at the moment.’
      • ‘I still need to find out if I have FireWire capability and how much available hard disk space I have.’
      • ‘When it comes to the crunch, very few relational database vendors can truly claim to offer a revolutionary XML capability.’
      • ‘Sound cards have audio capabilities that far exceed what telephones can do.’
      • ‘The custom circuitry also has an extended recursive look-up capability.’
      • ‘But now we had the benefit of Microsoft Outlook, massive Email storage capabilities and bandwidth.’
      • ‘To achieve these resolution standards, you will need a camera of at least 3.1 megapixels capability.’
      • ‘Its intelligent indexing offers a fast search capability to find any information required’
      functioning, working, operation, running, behaviour, capabilities, capability, capacity, power, potential
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    3. 1.3Forces or resources giving a country the ability to undertake a particular kind of military action.
      ‘their nuclear weapons capability’
      • ‘Typically, operational centers of gravity are military capabilities or forces.’
      • ‘The author cites an absence of Baltic military capability as another NATO obstacle.’
      • ‘They also need to understand how military capability is empirically related to the functionality of systems.’
      • ‘Does the absence of a chemical-warfare tactical capability hurt the U.S. military?’
      • ‘Acquiring nuclear weapons capability clearly would be a difficult undertaking for such organizations.’
      • ‘The need to apply appropriate military capability prudently is paramount.’
      • ‘Her experiences at Scutari convinced her that the impediment to maximal military capability was illness.’
      • ‘Nations are restructuring their military capabilities to provide such forces more easily.’
      • ‘The strategic aim of strike is to effectively deprive the enemy of the capability to employ military forces in the pursuit of their aim.’
      • ‘He said deployment of the WLRs were part of the force protection capability offered by the Australian Army.’
      • ‘The creation of a European arms industry was linked to plans for a military capability independent of NATO.’
      • ‘There's been a big buildup in military capability, in missiles deployed along the mainland coast.’
      • ‘In any case, only the United States has the military capability to undertake global operations by itself.’
      • ‘Both new countries had to reduce their military capability and both states had to pay reparations for war damage.’
      • ‘This compels the Army to accelerate the development of selected future force capabilities.’
      • ‘Military capability is the other indispensable component of defense.’
      • ‘People are an essential element of any military capability.’
      • ‘The huge effort to build up the U.S. presence in the Middle East taxed the Air Force's airlift capability.’
      • ‘First, how much conventional war-fighting capability should the US military retain?’
      • ‘Currently there is no deployable capability for the European Rapid Reaction Force.’