Meaning of capital punishment in English:

capital punishment


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mass noun
  • The legally authorized killing of someone as punishment for a crime.

    ‘the abolition of capital punishment’
    • ‘The fact that the International Covenant sanctions capital punishment must be seen in this context.’
    • ‘That cost is not difficult to justify where capital punishment is the penalty for first-degree murder.’
    • ‘The punishment was capital punishment and all of this was done to teach them a lesson.’
    • ‘The crimes which would merit capital punishment for those in favour of same are indeed appalling.’
    • ‘Though physical torture and capital punishment were opposed in all cases, no overt political position was to be taken.’
    • ‘But, as with torture, the harm capital punishment does is not limited to its subject.’
    • ‘Juries in death penalty cases are always quizzed about their attitudes on capital punishment before the start of the trial.’
    • ‘It was at the forefront of opposing capital punishment and demanding prison reform.’
    • ‘Or take the claim that forgiveness is superior to revenge, and that capital punishment is mere revenge.’
    • ‘It will show itself in cases about capital punishment, corporate responsibility, gun control, you name it.’
    • ‘He called for the restoration of corporal and capital punishment and pledged support for apartheid in South Africa.’
    • ‘In Poland it became instrumental to the abolition of capital punishment.’
    • ‘They end up robbing a bank, for which the penalty in China is capital punishment.’
    • ‘The abolition of capital punishment was frequently urged in colonial politics and after.’
    • ‘He could have been sentenced to death, but his prosecutors didn't seek capital punishment.’
    • ‘Apprehensions that doing away with capital punishment can lead to more crime should be duly addressed.’
    • ‘Severe punishments must be meted out and if necessary capital punishment will be needed.’
    • ‘Through this we can also see that capital punishment is not necessarily a form of punishment at all.’
    • ‘One of the uses of capital punishment is to deter other criminals from committing more crimes.’
    • ‘I was hoping he'd be sent to jail for life, and not just because I oppose capital punishment.’
    hanging, gibbeting