Significado de capital sum en en Inglés

capital sum



  • A lump sum of money payable to an insured person or paid as an initial fee or investment.

    ‘an endowment policy pays a capital sum to the insured at a specified time in the future, or on death if earlier’
    • ‘However, with brisk competition they may be required to pay a capital sum which is a premium on top of that rent.’
    • ‘The cash generated from the upcoming ten-year debenture ticket sales for the Cusack Stand in 2005 and for the Canal End in 2010 has already been earmarked to pay off the capital sum on the debt.’
    • ‘And the lower the annuity rate is, the bigger the capital sum that has to be built up in a pension fund for a given level of pension.’
    • ‘The structure of its debt repayments enable cash generated from the ten-year debenture tickets to be used to pay off the capital sum.’
    • ‘You will need to contribute to an acceptable investment or pension plan, which will repay the capital sum at the end of the mortgage term.’
    • ‘The moment you take out the loan, you are immediately obliged to pay back the entire capital sum and all of the interest that will accrue over the agreed term of the loan.’
    • ‘First, longer life expectancy has forced down annuity rates and therefore the capital sum needed to meet the level of pensions that have been promised to long serving employees.’
    • ‘The terms for the capital sum and the rental thus gave plenty of room for discussion, because they were being negotiated right at the turn of the market.’
    • ‘The three Irish investors are expected to invest a combined capital sum of between e1 million and e2 million.’
    • ‘Ellis later convinced the bank that he did not have the means to pay the #264,000 capital sum and interest owed.’
    • ‘Any capital sum awarded to the wife from the husband's pension fund will be solely restricted to providing a pension income for herself.’
    • ‘That's a lot of money to find when you get to the end of your mortgage term and are required to pay off the capital sum you borrowed.’
    • ‘The par amount is the capital sum that will be paid when the bond is due for redemption.’
    • ‘To put it in context, a 6 per cent per annum average incremental return on a given capital sum will see that sum double over 12 years if the overall index has stood still.’
    • ‘If you can invest it judiciously then the capital sum can provide you with an income and hopefully grow at the same time.’
    • ‘Assuming this to be the case, the capital sum required to make up any shortfall of this maximum pension can be identified using this benchmark.’
    • ‘Historically, therefore, a given capital sum bought nearly twice as large a pension as it does today.’
    • ‘A disposal also arises when a capital sum is derived from an asset, eg where a person receives an insurance payment in compensation for the loss of an asset.’
    • ‘Where a capital sum is derived from an asset, the date of disposal is the date when the sum is received.’
    • ‘These new demands have to do with the inescapable fact that at a lower rate of interest it will take a higher capital sum to generate an undiminished income-stream expected of productive enterprise.’
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