Meaning of car boot sale in English:

car boot sale


  • An outdoor sale at which people sell unwanted possessions, typically from the boots of their cars.

    • ‘Either he's clearing a house or he's an ardent searcher on the car boot sale, jumble sale and charity shop circuits.’
    • ‘It is possible someone is trying to sell them at a car boot sale or market.’
    • ‘We are told it is likely that they were stolen either ‘to order’, or to be sold at a car boot sale.’
    • ‘If she can't justify why it stays, it goes - either to be sold in a car boot sale, be given to charity or destroyed in the jaws of a crusher!’
    • ‘Raffles, a car boot sale, an auction and a games night are among the events organised - as well as the calendar - to raise money.’
    • ‘Other fundraising events for the charity throughout the summer will include raffles, a car boot sale, an auction and a games night.’
    • ‘Because of the market, the usual car boot sale will not take place and only invited stall holders are asked to attend.’
    • ‘There was also concern that the car boot sale could be used to fence stolen goods and market stalls may further damage existing trade in the rundown town.’
    • ‘So it was with delight that I heard today that Bridge End Auction Mart will once again this Sunday be holding a car boot sale.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, the Market Place was humming with a busy car boot sale, with many admiring the vintage cars on display.’
    • ‘So it was only polite to attend the car boot sale at the annual summer fête in my home village near Bridgwater, Somerset.’
    • ‘De-clutter the house and sell the pickings at a car boot sale.’
    • ‘The tree disappeared on Thursday night, and the elderly victim suspects, because it was heavy, someone collected it in a van and it might find its way to a car boot sale.’
    • ‘What better venue then to show them off than a car boot sale, those curiously popular events which have become the place to offload unwanted household items?’
    • ‘The company applied to run the car boot sale in August last year and the aviation giant was given the go-ahead for the venture in January 2002.’
    • ‘More than 1,000 DVDs and CDs were seized in a raid at a car boot sale.’
    • ‘There is a car boot sale this Saturday at 1.30 pm at the SAFE carpark.’
    • ‘On Saturday evening Clare and her friends collected donations from pub regulars at pubs around the town, and on Sunday they took part in a car boot sale.’
    • ‘A proposed car boot sale in Plough Lane would bring weekend traffic to a standstill, Wandsworth councillors have been warned.’
    • ‘Five thousand pirate CDs and DVDs and 50,000 bootleg cigarettes were seized at a Bolton car boot sale.’
    fete, fair, jumble sale, sale, bring-and-buy sale, car boot sale, carnival


car boot sale