Meaning of car camping in English:

car camping


mass nounNorth American
  • A type of camping which involves driving rather than walking to a campsite.

    ‘backpacking gear is lighter weight than gear intended for car camping’
    • ‘The three-day tour turned into an overnight tour and a night of car camping.’
    • ‘We welcome environmentally conscious people with experience and basic skills in wilderness backpacking, hiking, bicycling, canoeing, or car camping and an interest in sharing your knowledge with others.’
    • ‘A "cargo rack" or "sport rack" is the beefy version of a luggage rack, is the type of rack covered in this article, and is what you need for car camping and trailhead access.’
    • ‘Jim and I decided to compromise with three nights of car camping on a dramatic, boulder-studded stretch of the southern Oregon coast, 7 miles north of the Oregon-California border.’
    • ‘For car camping and loads of backcountry gear, luggage racks are next to useless because they can only carry minimal weight, and the constant vibration and movement of your load will likely damage your vehicle's paint or dent your body work.’
    • ‘A lot of people would not consider backpacking or even car camping as vacationing.’
    • ‘But hooking up and towing it was more awkward than car camping with a van or SUV alone.’
    • ‘Authentic camping, especially car camping, involves stuffing roughly two aisles worth of gear from REI into a minivan, heading to Indiana or Wisconsin, unstuffing it, restuffing what you haven't lost or damaged, then driving back 48 hours later, hopefully not having endured mosquito or rain onslaughts in the interim.’
    • ‘"Growing up as a child I did a lot of car camping all over Ontario such as in Algonquin, The Pinery, up the Bruce Peninsula, Rondeau Park and many conservation areas as well," she says.’
    • ‘We've traded car camping, lazy weeks on nearby beaches and the clickety-clack of rail for the seductive possibility of getting as far away as we can, as quickly as possible.’
    • ‘Gone in 2013 are options for tent and car camping, and in their place is what Stagecoach is calling its Stagecoach RV Resort.’
    • ‘Should you bring the sturdy and heavy cast iron pan for car camping, or the lighter titanium pots because you're backpacking?’
    • ‘The places for car camping are next to alpine lakes.’
    • ‘The difference between car camping and camping in a hammock for me is about 27 lbs.’
    • ‘If car camping is in your mind, then tent weight is no issue.’
    • ‘The Turners began a guest and guide services operation on the wilderness site in 1926, during the golden age of dude ranching, before the advent of motels, car camping and Interstate highways.’