Meaning of car coat in English:

car coat



  • A short, square-cut style of coat designed to be worn when driving a car.

    ‘A car coat describes a coat that could comfortably be worn when driving - that would be about fingertip length and not very fitted in design.’
    • ‘From a cool car coat to a stylish sports jacket, check out more jackets for fall 2004.’
    • ‘Inspiration comes from a range of eras, from the 1930s to the 1960s, the latter exemplified by a car coat.’
    • ‘Fair enough, but will John be swapping his trademark car coat for this sartorial essential of the new age?’
    • ‘Big Arthur grimaced as he battled across Market Square, drawing his suede car coat closer about his generous midriff.’
    • ‘I also thought her heavy black car coat with rib sweater collar and cuffs was quite lovely - practical yet infused with a hint of fun and whimsy at the same time.’
    • ‘A cashmere/silk blend mock neck sweater and suede car coat are also offered at surprisingly affordable price points.’
    • ‘I was wearing a loose car coat, and I turned away from the driver and pulled the coat to cover her head from his view.’
    • ‘He shivered and drew up the mossy collar of his black car coat.’
    • ‘Just at that moment a middle-aged man in a colourful padded car coat and grubby trainers appeared on the other side of the road and momentarily eyed us suspiciously.’
    • ‘The collection features tight mini dresses, velvet suits, camel car coats and flared trousers along with fetishistic accessories - dog collars, footless tights worn with spiky heels, and fake fur scarves worn as chokers.’
    • ‘To keep out the cold, in imitable British style, three-quarter-length car coats are back in tweed, cashmere and wool, featuring velvet collars.’
    • ‘The styles range from biker and bomber jackets to car coats, the latter being more appropriate for workdays as they are mid-thigh length overcoats.’
    • ‘Turtlenecks, jean jackets and car coats with fun fur collars - in various colours and made from recycled materials - are about $35.’
    • ‘During the past few years, leather car coats (approximately ¾ length) have been a popular trend, but this year, biker-style jackets have sped onto the fashion scene.’
    • ‘With car coats, three quarter length jackets and vintage leather, this is the ultimate accessory for any trendsetter.’
    • ‘He reminds us, in our suede car coats and capris and Ikea houses, that without love, everything's just a cliché.’
    • ‘The teeth-chattering classes of Britain were made of sterner stuff, coming prepared with car coats, rugs, flasks, even sleeping bags, and were handed screen wipes to wipe off the window steam.’
    • ‘They've barely got their car coats off before being rushed by a heavily perfumed mass in floral frocks who are not above violence if it means getting to grips with a man during a mambo.’
    • ‘It is just tiny celebrities in their denim and All Stars, leather car coats and backstage passes.’