Meaning of carbon fixation in English:

carbon fixation


mass nounBiology
  • The incorporation of carbon into organic compounds by living organisms, chiefly by photosynthesis in green plants.

    ‘In green plants we can also trace the ancestry of many genes involved in carbon fixation, photosynthesis as well as other metabolic processes to cyanobacteria, the endosymbiote host that gave rise to the chloroplast.’
    • ‘In terms of biomass, organic carbon fixation, space occupation, and biogenic habitat, kelps are the dominant reef-inhabiting organisms in cool seas, especially in the Northern Hemisphere.’
    • ‘This mode of organic carbon fixation and transport can subsidize local secondary production to levels far exceeding those achievable solely through in situ photosynthesis.’
    • ‘In addition to photosynthetic carbon fixation, key enzymes of starch, lipid, and amino acid synthesis have been shown to be regulated in a similar way.’
    • ‘Thus, carbon fixation can be maintained whilst nitrogen is liberated for use elsewhere, for example, root development enabling growth to continue through the redirection of nitrogen resources.’