Meaning of carbonated in English:



  • (of a soft drink) effervescent on account of containing dissolved carbon dioxide.

    • ‘It has a very strong position in Australia, with 60% of the carbonated soft drinks market.’
    • ‘The Food Standards Agency advises people to eat fewer sugary foods, with carbonated drinks the biggest concern.’
    • ‘Elementary schools can no longer sell carbonated soft drinks.’
    • ‘My girlfriend does the same hiccup thing with carbonated things.’
    • ‘The number of esophageal cancer cases clearly followed the rise in intake of carbonated soft drinks, the researchers found.’
    • ‘People are eating less sugar from bags - much more from processed foods, like carbonated soft drinks.’
    • ‘The FDA does not allow more than 2.45 mg/ounce of quinine to be contained in a carbonated beverage.’
    • ‘They also drank about twice the amount of non-diet carbonated soft drinks.’
    • ‘Celery wasn't meant to be juiced, let alone carbonated.’
    • ‘In addition, each class was given a tooth immersed in a sweetened carbonated cola to assess its effect on dentition.’
    • ‘We don't see any reason to avoid carbonated water or seltzer.’
    • ‘A soft drink manufacturer supplies large plastic bottles of carbonated drinks in packs of 12.’
    • ‘To reiterate: I hate carbonated water, aka club soda.’
    • ‘The findings of the study indicate reducing consumption of carbonated drinks also reduced the occurrence of obesity in school children.’
    • ‘With the first sip, the carbonated sweetness danced on my tongue.’
    • ‘We prefer to avoid carbonated beverages, which can cause bloating.’
    • ‘Carbonated drinks are the single biggest source of refined sugars in the American diet.’
    • ‘Still, there is something terribly attractive about those colours of carbonated water.’
    • ‘Forget the carbonated stuff right off the bat.’
    • ‘When they contain calcium carbonate gas they are described as carbonated.’