Meaning of carburettor in English:



  • A device in an internal combustion engine for mixing air with a fine spray of liquid fuel.

    ‘The most obvious change was the switch from putting fuel in the engine with a carburettor to using fuel injection.’
    • ‘This sludge blocked fuel filters, carburettors and fuel-injection systems, leading to rough running and engine failures.’
    • ‘To this the students may add the options of turbocharger or supercharger, carburetor or fuel injection with electronic engine management.’
    • ‘In the old days, when cars had carburetors, fuel metering was so imprecise that the carburetor would pour way too much fuel into the cylinders at idle.’
    • ‘When nitrous oxide is sprayed into the carburetor, it gives the motor a temporary horsepower boost, enabling a better qualifying time.’
    • ‘They have created a handsome engine that s modern but retro with air-cooling, a carburetor, and pushrods activating two valves per cylinder.’
    • ‘More than a decade later, along with Wilhelm Maybach he developed a high-speed internal combination engine with a carburettor that made it possible to use gasoline as fuel.’
    • ‘He switched the fuel pump on and off at the top end in an attempt to keep the fuel mixing in the carburetors.’
    • ‘If possible, trace the throttle cable from where it leaves the firewall to the carburetor or fuel control unit, and look for wear and tear, or loose connections.’
    • ‘On some cars you might have a lever that allowed you to crudely adjust the flow of fuel through the carburetor.’
    • ‘It had something to do with the fuel freezing somewhere between the carburetor and the engine.’
    • ‘They are designed to protect fuel pumps, fuel-pressure regulators, carburetors, and nitrous-oxide systems from dirt and debris.’
    • ‘As he worked on carburetors, engines, and transmissions, he did something unusual.’
    • ‘Detergents within the fuels, they say, significantly reduce deposits on inlet valves and in carburettors.’
    • ‘Those races stand out because restrictor plates are put on the carburetors to keep horsepower down.’
    • ‘About all you needed then were bigger engines with bigger carburetors and bigger exhausts.’
    • ‘Yes, I know that carburetors have been around forever and that fuel injection is the wave of the future, but I'm still impressed by how well a carburetor can adapt to changing conditions.’
    • ‘Fuel and air mixed in the carburetor is sent into the crankcase and from there into the cylinder through an intake port, a circular opening in the crankcase wall.’
    • ‘The most likely cause is an abrupt or inappropriate movement of the helicopter's controls or the stalling of the main rotor blade due to icing on the engine carburetor.’
    • ‘Simply put, if driven front first up a slope, the petrol would not feed the carburettor and the engine would conk out.’



/ˌkɑːbəˈrɛtə/ /ˌkɑːbjʊˈrɛtə/


Mid 19th century from archaic carburet ‘combine or charge with a hydrocarbon’ + -or.