Meaning of carcass meat in English:

carcass meat


mass nounBritish
  • Raw meat as distinct from corned or tinned meat.

    • ‘The price is so poor of venison, less than 40p a pound skin on carcass meat for red farrow that it really is not worth a poacher's while.’
    • ‘The convention aims to restrict this traffic to carcass meat and encourage animals to be slaughtered in the country of origin.’
    • ‘Strategy is firmly established as one of the breed's elite carcass meat sires.’
    • ‘In producing mince meat, only carcass meat taken from cattle, sheep, goat, swine and fresh meat of domestic poultry and rabbit should be used.’
    • ‘This will be valid for butcheries, processing carcass meat of swine in the amount of 200 pieces weekly and 10,000 pieces annually.’
    • ‘In regions where such infrastructure is not available, the carcass meat should be carefully examined and rejected if suspected of being unsound.’
    • ‘The Sal-QRA programme has identified the prevalence and levels on carcass meat of Salmonella after slaughter, and demonstrated a significant decrease during processing.’
    • ‘In order to satisfy all our customers’ demands we also embark on calf-slaughtering, processing carcass meat, lamb-slaughtering and mutton processing.’
    • ‘For example, whilst we have measured the total market for carcass meat it would be incorrect to then make a simple addition of all other meat products, as some meat products will be produced from carcass meat.’
    • ‘In order to verify accuracy of estimation of carcass meat percentage, meatiness was determined by measuring fat thickness and depth of muscle at one location or at two locations while applying dissection method.’
    • ‘The Regulations imposed a prohibition against any person freezing any carcass meat which was unfit for human consumption or specified offal in a slaughterhouse.’
    • ‘In accordance with one aspect of this invention, the hypochlorous acid wash liquid (at a suitable pH level) is applied to the carcass meat surfaces on the kill floor before the carcasses are shrouded and before they are placed in the chill room.’
    • ‘At slaughter, the following carcass characteristics were evaluated: carcass weight, carcass yield, backfat depth, muscle depth, loin eye area, carcass length, carcass meat yield and carcass meat.’