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card vote

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another term for block vote
‘But he then called a card vote where unions cast block votes in proportion to their size.’
  • ‘Despite a decision last night to hold a card vote and delay the announcement until this morning, the poll was not close, with 64% in favour of the rebel amendment, and 36% against.’
  • ‘In government, however a challenger to a Labour Prime Minister needs the 12.5 per cent support among MPs, as well as two-thirds of Conference through a card vote.’
  • ‘The FBU ended that affiliation last week by 35, 105 to 14, 611 on a card vote.’
  • ‘The conference pushed talk of a merger further into the background with a card vote of 89, 273 to 65, 295.’
  • ‘After rejecting the employers' latest offer they recommended further strike action which was to be confirmed by a card vote at the recalled Conference.’
  • ‘That outcome was close enough to be put to a card vote.’
  • ‘The pro-Warwick amendment was rejected on a card vote by 540,000 to 516,000.’
  • ‘Not content with rejecting foundation hospitals, the unions also combined to throw out an earlier motion on health policy on a card vote.’
  • ‘A motion opposing it was passed on a card vote by 127,597 to 79,355 after a show of hands had been inconclusive.’
  • ‘Two disputed NHS motions were clearly defeated, one on a show of hands, the other on a card vote dominated by unions.’
  • ‘The union's leaders were so desperate to rush the deal through that they refused to take a card vote.’
  • ‘A motion of no confidence in the executive was only narrowly lost on a card vote.’
  • ‘But the card vote showed the full-scale of the anti-war opposition's collapse, with 80 percent of local parties and 90 percent of trade unions voting against the early withdrawal motion.’
  • ‘But Scargill boasted a collective card vote of over 11,000!’
  • ‘When the amendment was initially passed on a show of hands, the executive forced a formal card vote and the union bureaucracy fell quickly into line.’
  • ‘The victory prompted grassroots members of Labour to call for a leadership contest, which can be triggered only by a majority card vote.’
  • ‘The hostile reaction was followed by three card votes which saw a majority of union activists and a minority of constituency delegates unite to inflict embarrassing defeats on the platform.’
  • ‘At a Public Service Association conference, a resolution calling for a national stoppage against the ECA was carried by 45,000 card votes to just over 15,000 against.’