Meaning of cardigan in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkɑːdɪɡ(ə)n/

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  • A knitted jumper fastening down the front.

    ‘But in reality, knitwear is so much more than that - it includes a wide array of pullovers, turtlenecks and cardigans, among other items.’
    • ‘From argyle cardigans to tweed blazers, check out the look of fall 2004 and enjoy all the attention.’
    • ‘All jumpers, cardigans and socks were knitted by hand.’
    • ‘Woolen sweaters, cardigans, mittens, and socks were knitted with elaborate patterns.’
    • ‘Check out 9 sweaters, from turtlenecks to cardigans, that'll make the ladies want to cozy up next to you this winter.’
    • ‘Avoid wearing blazers and cardigans with more than three buttons because they will draw unwanted attention to your shorter upper body.’
    • ‘Admittingly, it is a bit too dressy for work, but like in the photo, wear a cardigan or blazer on top to look smart.’
    • ‘For the rest of us, cardigans and pullovers should do unless a blazer or suit is demanded by the occasion.’
    • ‘People, I've got a cupboard full of casual leisurewear, tan slacks and knitted cardigans in ready reserve, prepared for such an eventuality as this one.’
    • ‘For the trendy man about town this season, cable-knit pullovers or cardigans in neutral shades such as greys and browns or navy blue are suggested.’
    • ‘Dull, padded beige jackets and shapeless viscose dresses will go, in favour of the sheepskin gilets and long woollen cardigans sported by the rest of the high street.’
    • ‘A vision of twin-set cardigans and walking canes spring to mind.’
    • ‘I love it when I can put on a cardigan or a light pullover and not be overheated.’
    • ‘She's conjured up enchanting white raincoats, and using antique looms has reworked old cashmere cardigans.’
    • ‘So, when we head to Whitby for our holiday, I will take the usual array of beach wear - baggy tops, ankle-length skirts and outsize cardigans.’
    • ‘Check out the irresistible floral and tweed sequined skirts, tweed platform sandals and brooch-clasped cardigans.’
    • ‘I am planning to knit a little flower to stitch onto the front of the cardigan to liven it up a little.’
    • ‘This season, chunky pullovers and zip or wrap cardigans with classic snowflake or reindeer motifs are sure to warm the hearts of even the burliest men.’
    • ‘When I fell into the preppy look in high school, my grandmother donned penny loafers and cardigans, too.’
    • ‘The usual fare: sweaters, cardigans, tanks… but it is still a fun book that any knitter will enjoy.’


Mid 19th century (Crimean War): named after James Thomas Brudenel, 7th Earl of Cardigan (1797–1868), leader of the Charge of the Light Brigade, whose troops first wore such garments.