Meaning of cardiogram in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkɑːdɪə(ʊ)ɡram/

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  • A record of muscle activity within the heart made by a cardiograph.

    ‘The most common primary indications for emergency caesarean were presumed fetal compromise, intrauterine growth retardation or an abnormal cardiogram, and failure to progress.’
    • ‘Instead of the firmly stated latency value from the white-paper, we were facing something unbelievable, looking more like a cardiogram of a heart patient.’
    • ‘Along with Stone, we are permitted to see him, bare-chested in a medical clinic, undergoing a cardiogram.’
    • ‘Without blood tests and cardiograms he would not say for sure, but he put his money on angina.’
    • ‘But even Luis has seen some relief with the arrival of telemedicine, a technology that will enable him to seek medical advice overseas and perform tests such as cardiograms, live on the Internet.’
    • ‘Turns out they'll do a cardiogram and, if warranted, an angiogram.’
    • ‘‘This is my own cardiogram, the rhythm of my pulse: its explosions, shocks, climaxes, peaks, and valleys,’ he said in an interview for a Russian souvenir program.’
    • ‘He agreed and I was given a trans-oesophageal cardiogram.’
    • ‘They took my temperature constantly, measured pulse and blood pressure and worried over a cardiogram showing a slightly irregular heartbeat.’
    • ‘It's like telling your doctor why do I need a cardiogram, just tell me how to get rid of this cough.’
    • ‘Each subject's eligibility was determined through a comprehensive evaluation that included complete physical, neurological, and psychiatric examinations; laboratory chemistry tests; and cardiogram.’
    • ‘I would like an explanation on why a meticulous man who removes his glasses would leave cardiogram suckers on his chest.’