Meaning of cardiomegaly in English:


Pronunciation /ˌkɑːdɪə(ʊ)ˈmɛɡəli/


mass nounMedicine
  • Abnormal enlargement of the heart.

    ‘A physical examination showed stable vital signs but severe cardiomegaly and congestive heart failure.’
    • ‘Manifestations include cardiomegaly, heart murmur (mitral regurgitation, aortic regurgitation), friction rub secondary to pericarditis, and congestive heart failure.’
    • ‘These factors are previous thromboembolism, left atrial thrombus, marked cardiomegaly, heart failure, dilated left atrium, or spontaneous echocontrast.’
    • ‘Other abnormalities noted were cardiomegaly, abnormal pulmonary vessels, and interstitial prominence.’
    • ‘On his first admission, chest radiography showed cardiomegaly, and an immediate two-dimensional echocardiographic study demonstrated a massive pericardial effusion.’


Early 20th century from cardio- + -megaly (a suffix forming nouns denoting abnormal enlargement of a part of the body).