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care worker


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  • A person employed to support and supervise vulnerable, infirm, or disadvantaged people, or those under the care of the state.

    ‘While studying, he has been a support care worker at Darlington House in Basingstoke - proof that someone can go the extra mile when they set their mind to it.’
    • ‘The hotel employs a care worker, and residents who want help with alcohol, health or housing will get it.’
    • ‘I was a secretary for 25 years before changing profession to become a care worker.’
    • ‘Enfield has assessed him as needing ground-floor accommodation, special equipment in the home and the attendance of a care worker two or three times a week.’
    • ‘Dubliner Maurice is a trained care worker and counsellor who has worked with heroin addicts and the homeless.’
    • ‘But retirement will allow him to concentrate on his two hobbies of gardening and walking with his wife Elizabeth, a Marlborough care worker.’
    • ‘I was employed on the scheme as a child care worker.’
    • ‘Eileen Williams, 60, from Leigh, left her job as a care worker at a local nursing home on Friday and on Saturday was toasting a rich retirement after her numbers came up in the Lotto draw.’
    • ‘‘My wife is a care worker and works at weekends,’ he said.’
    • ‘‘She said she wanted to sleep on it,’ the care worker said.’
    • ‘After phoning his wife, Heather, the 35-year-old rang an ambulance while Mrs Slevin rushed from her job as a care worker to be with him.’
    • ‘The following day a care worker supervisor came to the house, took all particulars and arranged for a care worker to change sheets, make beds and do the ironing.’
    • ‘And each child will be assigned a single care worker in a bid to stop them being passed between agencies and to improve accountability.’
    • ‘The second care worker was a 42-year-old woman of three weeks experience.’
    • ‘A care worker from Great Oakley is getting ready to spend three months working in a Madagascan orphanage.’
    • ‘He has previously been a care worker and now works on a building site.’
    • ‘A care worker acted on instinct to save a boy from choking to death after he fell into a river.’
    • ‘In fact, direct observation succeeds by building a human bond between the patient and the health care worker or community volunteer.’
    • ‘The type of warm interaction between a parent and young child might have benefits that the interaction with a day care worker might not.’
    • ‘Corina studied and worked as a nurse in her native Holland and later as a social care worker for people with learning difficulties.’