Meaning of carer in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkɛːrə/

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  • A family member or paid helper who regularly looks after a child or a sick, elderly, or disabled person.

    ‘elderly people and their carers need long-term support’
    • ‘There will also be a separate room for carers or family members to sleep in.’
    • ‘The main carers are family members and friends, and they require adequate support.’
    • ‘Even then, with assistance from his carers and family, he was only able to go out briefly a couple of times a week.’
    • ‘I am now a member of the carer and user group for the unit and I have spoken to many staff who have left.’
    • ‘The Alzheimer's Society has a helpline for sufferers and their families or carers.’
    • ‘Perhaps this case will set a precedent for all those who are full time carers for their sick wives or mothers.’
    • ‘Pilkington suffered from angina, his wife was also not well and he was the main carer for their disabled son.’
    • ‘It aims to involve parents and carers creatively with the help of professional artists.’
    • ‘Kenny is carried up and down stairs each day which puts the family / carers and Kenny at risk.’
    • ‘I am in no way blaming the current carers or family day care who are doing the best they can.’
    • ‘In many cases the situation when a child leaves is unclear to the losing family and the foster carer.’
    • ‘The person or their carer may also be medically knowledgeable and may work in a health related job.’
    • ‘Cash has also been earmarked to analyse how best to provide help for the parents and carers of drug users.’
    • ‘She required constant care and attendance but no input from medically qualified carers.’
    • ‘An on-site radio station run by the young carers broadcast live throughout the weekend.’
    • ‘The campaign this year is focusing on children, young people and their carers.’
    • ‘The charity is reminding older people and their carers of what is on offer.’
    • ‘He describes his foster carers as lovely people, who he regards as his parents.’
    • ‘Volunteers will give carers a break by taking on their duties for a short time.’
    • ‘Information for carers will be available next week at a series of planned events.’
    attendant, aide, helper, assistant, personal assistant, valet, equerry, squire, lady in waiting