Meaning of carinate in English:



  • 1Having a keel-like ridge.

    • ‘The bluffs above the swamp are the only known home of the carinate pill snail, a species once thought extinct.’
    1. 1.1(of a bird) having a deep ridge on the breastbone for the attachment of flight muscles.
      Contrasted with ratite
      ‘Fossils of volant paleoganthous carinate birds from the Paleocene and Eocene appear phenetically most similar to tinamiform birds.’
      • ‘Penguins are flightless divers with poorly pneumatized skeleton, carinate sternum with two lateral notches, 15 cervical vertebrae and basipterygoid processes absent.’
      • ‘The story of Mesozoic birds became complicated by the discovery in 1985, by Russian colleague Evgeny Kurochkin, of Ambiortus, a Lower Cretaceous archaic but modern-type ornithurine (carinate) bird with an advanced flight apparatus.’



/ˈkarɪneɪt/ /ˈkarɪnət/


Late 18th century from Latin carinatus ‘having a keel’, from carina ‘keel’.