Meaning of carinated in English:



See carinate

‘Other elements of the Mycenaean drinking set were found in small quantities in the subsidiary rooms, but these were greatly outnumbered by the indigenous forms, in particular the Base Ring carinated cup.’
  • ‘From the same tomb comes a composite Helladic-Minoan silver goblet, with its carinated shape and a Minoan niello floral scene.’
  • ‘Among these latter Caddo groups, simple bowls and carinated bowls comprise between 57 and 70 percent of the vessels placed in the graves as burial offerings.’
  • ‘In Achaia in the western Peloponnese, a tomb at Katarraktis provided a silver bowl, a hemispherical bronze bowl, a bowl with wishbone handle, and a carinated bowl.’
  • ‘The two typical forms, common in both assemblages, are a shallow bowl with inturned, grooved rim and a carinated casserole with an upward roll on the outer edge of the rim.’