Meaning of cark in English:


Pronunciation /kɑːk/


(also kark)
[no object] informal Australian
  • Die.

    • ‘he's always bragged about carking it before he hit twenty’
    • ‘To my fellow bloggers, what would you do if your PC carked it, would you have withdrawal symptoms because you could not come online to say G'day and share with us a snapshot of your day?’
    • ‘I don't think I could have handled it if the old geezer had carked it before I got to see him.’
    • ‘You know I was so paranoid about deep-vein thrombosis, I took my aspirin and wriggled my legs but still I thought, that'd be right, I'll get off the plane and cark it.’
    • ‘But before he could really get out of the starting blocks, old Stanley went and carked it.’
    • ‘I wanted to call him Peter because I thought I was going to cark it round about then.’


1970s probably imitative of the caw of a carrion crow.