Meaning of Carlist in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkɑːlɪst/

adjective & noun


See Carlism

‘When the Basques supported the Carlist rebellion of the 1870s, the Spanish government retaliated by abolishing the fueros.’
  • ‘General Francisco Franco, dictator from 1939-1975, fused their party with the right-wing Catholic party, the Carlists, in 1937.’
  • ‘When the last of the Carlists died in 1936, Isabella's grandson, Alfonso XIII, became heir to both lines, although by that time he had been living in exile since 1931.’
  • ‘For those not familiar with Spanish history, the Carlists are a faction who date back to 1833 when the succession to the Spanish throne was disputed.’
  • ‘Immigration to the United States from Spain was minimal but steady during the first half of the nineteenth century, with an increase during the 1850s and 1860s resulting from the social disruption of the Carlist civil wars.’