Meaning of carload in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkɑːləʊd/

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  • 1The number of people that can travel in a car.

    ‘ a carload of passengers’
    • ‘Granted, if you are traveling with a carload of friends, hostelling might not be your most economical choice when compared to a standard hotel.’
    • ‘Marisa Choguill travelled from Ballarat with a carload of her friends.’
    • ‘Driving home after a meeting one sunny afternoon, there was a truckload of teenage boys driving beside a carload of teenage girls directly in front of me.’
    • ‘Mrs Thompson said she and her husband had been regular visitors to campus during their sons' studies, driving up each month with a carload of food, including their favourite - apple pie baked by their ‘Nan’, Evelyn Mills.’
    • ‘Anti social behaviour crept into the village when a carload of people arrived on Saturday night (3am Sunday morning), making a racket.’
    • ‘So, we're doing a ‘trial’ period where we essentially live together, but have an easy out where I can just go home if we get tired of each other and it would only involve a carload of stuff to bring back.’
    • ‘‘What is staggering is that frequently people will drive to remote locations to dump a carload of rubbish rather than take it to the tip,’ Mr Millard said.’
    • ‘Jenny and I went to pick up a carload of pizzas and other teenage food half an hour or so ago, leaving Jenny's best friend Sue and her partner Paul in nominal charge of the party.’
    • ‘So today (day off) Dad had to drive up there with a carload of all her stuff.’
    • ‘He settled into life in West Mayo and could often be found driving a carload of friends to dances all over the county.’
    • ‘Like a man driving a carload of squabbling children to a distant beach, he was determined to look on the bright side.’
    • ‘I think of it like this: my ideal holiday is me and the boy and a carload of really good books.’
    • ‘Just bring a carload of friends and try your hand at the clues to be in with a chance to win a prize.’
    • ‘My son was in the car with his girlfriend and her mother when a carload of men got out and started to attack him.’
    • ‘When a carload of thieves tried to steal oranges from our yard, I soon found myself outmanned and outgunned - and decided that 100 pounds of pilfered fruit is not worth your life.’
    • ‘During our first five minutes on the street, a carload of guys drove by, yelling ‘Hey, superman!’’
    • ‘For many, driving on the right hand side of the road can take some getting used to, particularly with the raised noise levels of a carload of family members.’
    • ‘He made three trips, usually with a carload of farmers, to the state Capitol to lobby for its passage.’
    • ‘Along the way they catch the unwelcome and decidedly nonsupernatural attention of a carload of macho young men who pursue the two lovers, intent on violence.’
    • ‘He would drive around with a carload of stuff, selling everything from underwear and socks, to refrigerators and engagement rings.’
    1. 1.1North American The quantity of goods that can be carried in a railway freight car.
      ‘Canadian National said the traffic shift would allow it to divert about 14,000 to 15,000 freight carloads annually from Chicago.’
      • ‘About 200 carloads of freight move over that stretch of rail each year, mostly hauling grain and fertilizer to elevators in Random Lake and Adell.’
      • ‘A train carrying three carloads of frozen turkeys made the final journey on the High Line in 1980.’
      • ‘The final freight train (I learned this from the friends of the high line) carried three carloads of frozen turkeys.’
      • ‘Carloads of petroleum products rose 8 percent to 22, 854 carloads in November.’
      • ‘Eirr operates two segments, that move more than 35,000 carloads per year to the Union Pacific, with interchanges at Idaho Falls on the Northern Segment, and Minidoka on the Southern segment.’
      • ‘In fact, a total of 958 C&O carloads of Sewell coke were shipped to 17 states during this year, as far away as California, Arizona, and Oregon.’
      • ‘The 193 Sewell bee-hive coke ovens could yield a maximum of about seven carloads of coke per day when producing 72-hour coke.’
      • ‘The acquisitions added 6,984 carloads to October figures.’
      • ‘Changing ways of doing business away from carloads to smaller shipments including delivery ‘Just In Time’ allowed trucks and containers to replace trains and box cars.’
      • ‘‘They took carload after carload down to Toronto,’ recalls Henry Elliott, Ayr barber.’
      • ‘Now, change that ‘few hundred cars’ to a mile-long freight train with a few carloads of anhydrous ammonia, or an LP-gas or crude oil tanker.’
      • ‘The 1975 wilderness designation saved the Dolly Sods from strip mining: The plateau's rich vein of coal would have become so many carloads, helping to fire Mt. Storm's boilers.’
      • ‘May 1885 marked the completion of the branch of the railroad going to quarry no.3 and the shipment of the first carloads of stone to the sawmill in Hummels-town.’
      • ‘Earlier descriptions indicate that many carloads of beautiful green smithsonite were shipped from this mine as high-grade zinc ore.’
      • ‘Freight trains snarled in Chicago's rail yards, delaying eastbound carloads of clothing.’
      • ‘He managed to promise sixty carloads daily, partly by arranging for shipments from other refiners.’
      • ‘The charcoal house portion, which comprises the westerly three quarters, is divided into two equal rooms, both of which have a storage capacity of about one carload of charcoal.’
      • ‘Instead, Congress has told Amtrak to increase sharply the number of carloads it hauls or forgo $8.3 million in additional federal money.’
      • ‘However, since the implementation of the revenue cap both railways have pursued a policy of offering discounts to shippers for multiple carloads, discounts made relative to the single car rate.’