Meaning of carnap in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkɑːnap/

verbverb carnaps, verb carnapping, verb carnapped

[with object]Philippines
  • Steal (a motor vehicle)

    ‘his jeep was carnapped’
    • ‘The suspects were arrested after they carnapped the motorcycle.’
    • ‘His arrest came after a hot pursuit operation when he carnapped a red multicab.’
    • ‘A black Toyota Fortuner the suspects reportedly carnapped from the businessman was recovered at the hotel.’
    • ‘The silver Toyota was carnapped by the suspect on his escape.’
    • ‘Unluckily, the vehicle they carnapped crashed.’
    • ‘Two of the eight robbers were arrested after they carnapped a Bighorn truck last Friday.’
    • ‘While there was a fad in carnapping vehicles, mostly SUVs are flagged down because those are the most after sought vehicles.’
    • ‘A 25-year-old man who allegedly carnapped a police car last Sunday was arrested by local police.’
    • ‘He carnapped a vehicle that was used as a getaway vehicle.’
    • ‘I asked him if it's okay to check the CCTV footage so I would be able to determine who carnapped my car.’


1930s (originally US): from car + -nap (in kidnap). Use in Philippine English dates from the 1980s.