Meaning of carnapper in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkɑːnapə/


  • A person who steals a motor vehicle; a car thief.

    ‘sedan-type cars are convenient targets for carnappers’
    • ‘Two suspected carnappers were arrested in a follow-up operation.’
    • ‘A carnapper who attempted to escape on board a stolen vehicle was apprehended Tuesday morning.’
    • ‘Police are looking into the possibility that the victim could be a notorious carnapper.’
    • ‘Two carnappers were arrested by police after the motorcycle they stole was posted for sale on a social media site on Sunday.’
    • ‘An alleged carnapper and 9 other wanted persons were arrested by police units.’
    • ‘The survey showed that 1.7 million families fell victim to physical violence, pickpockets, burglars, or carnappers in the past six months.’
    • ‘152 suspected carnappers were arrested and 99 cases were filed in court.’
    • ‘A jeep was held up and taken by carnappers.’
    • ‘They collared on Sunday a carnapper who spirited away a 10-wheeler cargo truck.’
    • ‘A carnapper who stole two motorcycles in was sentenced yesterday to 40 years of imprisonment.’


1940s (originally US): from car + -napper (in kidnapper). Use in Philippine English dates from the 1980s.