Meaning of carnapping in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkɑːnapɪŋ/


mass nounPhilippines
  • The action of stealing a car.

    ‘they were charged with carnapping’
    • ‘the information came from one of the suspects involved in a carnapping’
    • ‘Almost all other types of crime, such as robbery and carnapping, have significantly reduced.’
    • ‘The suspect was accused of carnapping and extortion.’
    • ‘The three passengers denied that they were involved in the carnapping.’
    • ‘Not returning the vehicles on time is not tantamount to carnapping.’
    • ‘He was jailed last year for carnapping and illegal possession of firearms.’
    • ‘Charges of carnapping will be filed against them.’
    • ‘The four suspects are now facing charges of carnapping.’
    • ‘The police said this is not the first time that the duo has been involved in carnapping .’
    • ‘They should be charged with carnapping, which is a non-bailable offense.’
    • ‘The film tells the story of a crime family matriarch who runs several underground businesses including carnapping, gambling and drug smuggling.’


1930s blend of car + -napping (on the pattern of kidnapping).