Meaning of carne asada in English:

carne asada

Pronunciation /ˌkɑːneɪ əˈsɑːdə/


mass noun
  • (in Mexican cooking) beef that has been marinated and grilled, typically served sliced in thin strips as a main course or as a filling in tacos, burritos, etc.

    ‘the carne asada was served exactly the way you'd find it in Mexico’
    • ‘The smell of carne asada rose from a barbecue.’
    • ‘A standout was Albin's carne asada (named for the chef, Albin Piedra).’
    • ‘Carne asada (grilled beef) is the centrepiece of two of the very manly Salvadorian house specialties.’
    • ‘This recipe makes a great side dish, especially if the main course is along the lines of carne asada.’
    • ‘The ideal meal for this would be a nice Mexican carne asada, or other spicy beef dish where the meat was the focal point.’
    • ‘Choose your meat (carne asada is fab, as is the carnitas) and roll your own tacos with fresh soft tortillas.’
    • ‘Elmore was manning a massive barbecue grill on the patio that had neat rows of ribs, chicken, carne asada and hot dogs.’
    • ‘It's an informal gathering where neighbors chat, carne asada sizzles at food booths, and families spread folding chairs across the lawn.’
    • ‘We ended up at a small local lunch place - no menu, just a selection of carne asada, chicken breast or chicken thigh.’


Spanish, ‘grilled meat’.