Meaning of carnotite in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkɑːnətʌɪt/


mass noun
  • A lemon-yellow radioactive mineral consisting of hydrated vanadate of uranium, potassium, and other elements.

    ‘Autunite is relatively abundant locally in Paleozoic-age sedimentary rocks in the vicinity of Jim Thorpe, Carbon County, Pennsylvania, where it is associated with carnotite and a variety of other uranium minerals.’
    • ‘The most common ore of the element is pitchblende, although it is also present in other minerals, such as uraninite, carnotite, uranophane, and coffinite.’
    • ‘It is found in a number of minerals, including vanadinite, carnotite, roscoelite, and patronite.’


Late 19th century named after Marie Adolphe Carnot (1839–1920), French inspector of mines, + -ite.