Meaning of carrying capacity in English:

carrying capacity


mass noun
  • 1The number or quantity of people or things which can be conveyed by a vehicle or container.

    ‘In the pre-WWI era many horsecars were replaced with electric trolleys, which still had much lower carrying capacities than a modern train.’
    • ‘Such vehicles are all about carrying capacity, so it's not surprising that, in Britain and further afield, the Grand Voyager is a favourite in the hotel and tourism industry, as well as with large families.’
    • ‘So far, only fully tracked vehicles can provide load carrying capacity and cross-country mobility needed to effectively fight the maneuver battle.’
    • ‘Examples include motorcycles, utility trucks or vans with a carrying capacity of more than one tonne, and any other vehicles with a carrying capacity of nine or more occupants.’
    • ‘The carrying capacity of each bus will be reduced (by about ten passengers), but as a driver in Henan Province pointed out, the increased passenger security may well benefit business.’
    • ‘The order is the largest for one specific type of railway wagon since 1976, and the vehicles can travel at 75 mph with a 100 per cent greater carrying capacity than existing coal wagons.’
    • ‘This makes the car hard to get up hills, reduces its carrying capacity, and decreases its safety, since averting accidents sometimes requires the ability to accelerate quickly.’
    • ‘The new Transporter offers more carrying capacity than its predecessor with the maximum load volume available increased from 7.8 cubic metres to 9.3 cubic metres.’
    • ‘‘It (the ferry) was packed beyond its carrying capacity,’ said Mr Smith, 40.’
    • ‘"By 2010 we will have about 6,000 buses and we expect our carrying capacity to increase to 45 lakh passengers a day.’
    • ‘The metro rail for Bangalore will cost around Rs. 80 crores a kilometre and its carrying capacity will be around 20 lakh passengers a day.’
    • ‘The carrying capacity of these vessels is between 1,000 and 4,000 tonnes and up to 5,000 tonnes in the case of Russian vessels.’
    • ‘The train will help increase the subway's passenger carrying capacity by 15 per cent.’
    • ‘If it was, why are we now being told that the Combi's carrying capacity and its maintenance make it a financial burden?’
    • ‘With the 18 trawlermen and four crew on board, the Sea King was at maximum carrying capacity.’
    • ‘All the trucks have much the same level of performance and carrying capacity.’
    • ‘The next generation of container ships, at 390 metres in length, will be as big as the biggest oil tankers, requiring a draft of 17 metres and with a carrying capacity up to three times that of today's vessels.’
    1. 1.1Ecology The number of people, animals, or crops which a region can support without environmental degradation.
      ‘Without key predators, he adds, prey populations grow beyond the ecosystem's carrying capacity and the entire food chain becomes unbalanced.’
      • ‘Legumes generally improve animal performance and increase carrying capacity of pastures.’
      • ‘According to the service, the Yellowstone area has reached its carrying capacity for the large predators.’
      • ‘With ecological planning, Bulgaria could become the first balanced nation on earth, by linking its population to its carrying capacity and wild environment.’
      • ‘A closely related issue is how to impose a limit on cicada numbers when excess births cause the population to exceed the carrying capacity of the environment.’