Meaning of cartridge belt in English:

cartridge belt

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  • A belt with pockets or loops for cartridges of ammunition.

    • ‘During an earlier hearing the court heard that in December last year police raided Knights' home and in the loft they found the sawn-off 12-gauge shotgun, a cartridge belt and cartridges which were compatible with the gun.’
    • ‘In the loft they found a sawn-off, single-barrel 12-gauge shotgun, a cartridge belt and a number of cartridges which were compatible with the gun.’
    • ‘The wrist cartridge belt holds six cartridges in a handy manner on the off-side wrist where you need them most in a hurry.’
    • ‘First we examined the Ermine, a lightweight, 34 oz, .45 Colt designed for daily wear, whether in a holster, mounted on a cartridge belt, or a pants belt.’
    • ‘He had a rifle, a pair of pearl handled Colt.45 caliber pistols which he wore on a cartridge belt around his hips, an enormous hunting knife and enough ammunition to stock a small arsenal.’
    • ‘Around his waist was a looped cartridge belt and a holstered .44 Colt Model 1860 Army revolver with wooden grips.’
    • ‘The holster is mounted to the cartridge belt by a military-style wire hanger and has a swivel feature to ease the hang of the holster while mounted.’
    • ‘During our conversation, he also showed me a cartridge belt he had recently ordered from the good folks at El Paso Saddlery.’
    • ‘We used to call Georgie a Sears-Roebuck cowboy, because he wore a pistol cartridge belt low about his hips with two pearl handled forty-five revolvers in holsters, one on each groin - he never used an automatic pistol.’
    • ‘The No.24 money cartridge belt sells 10 to 1 over any other belt I offer.’
    • ‘Already dressed under blankets, I slip on a toque and great-coat, grab my rifle and cartridge belt, and start out after the sergeant's petrol lamp.’
    • ‘A little net surfing, however, produced cartridges at $20 per box, a die set at $51.50, and a bag of 100 unfired brass for $30-everything I need to fill up that cartridge belt.’
    • ‘Up to this point, both men carried their Colts in a typical Mexican loop-style holster on a wide, often 4’ or more, cartridge belt.’
    • ‘Other Old West items include a variety of cartridge belts, rifle scabbards, pommel bags, saddle pockets, spur straps and wrist cuffs.’
    • ‘Twenty warriors grabbed their weapons and cartridge belts, then fell in behind Toohoolhoolzote, the aged leader whom Howard had jailed two months before at Fort Lapwai.’
    • ‘Modern rifles and cartridge belts slung around the waist were eventually added to the customary dress of the Bedouin.’
    • ‘We wandered down narrow alleyways lined with stalls filled with wool caps; or bright tinsel and paper garlands incorporating hundreds of rupees as part of their decoration; or leather holsters and cartridge belts.’
    • ‘When it comes to cartridge belts, I prefer the folded over money-belt style made of soft leather that conforms to your body shape.’
    • ‘Accessories included special carrying cases and cartridge belts.’
    • ‘My storyteller's eyes twinkled as he re-adjusted the cartridge belts across his chest in a slightly over-boyish fashion.’