Meaning of cassingle in English:


Pronunciation /kaˈsɪŋɡ(ə)l/


  • An audio cassette with a single piece of music on each side.

    ‘Elsewhere in the sales data, it's confirmed that legal downloads are already the second biggest singles format there is - 150,000 were tracked by the BPI in January, outstripping vinyl, cassingles and DVD singles.’
    • ‘We've all got a few bad cassingles in the closet.’
    • ‘I made the switch from Dr. Demento to 90's alt-rock via a cassingle of ‘Come As You Are,’ followed shortly by a dub of the whole album.’
    • ‘And I'm not sure why I find Mr KB so unappealing: after all, he had ‘Ice Ice Baby’ on cassingle, and I have Snow's ‘Informer’ on cassingle, along with ‘All For Love’ by Color Me Badd!’


1970s blend of cassette and single.