Meaning of cat's tail in English:

cat's tail

(also cattail)


  • A plant with long, thin parts suggestive of cats' tails.

    the reed mace.(also 'cat's-tail grass') timothy grass.

    ‘Water plants abound, including a cattail, a realistic palm tree, and other vegetation.’
    • ‘As mentioned earlier, large areas of cattails and other aquatic plants also will encourage muskrat activity.’
    • ‘The lowland is lush with cattails and willows, and an osprey nest suggests the presence of trout.’
    • ‘It gives good control of cattails and other emergent aquatic plants as well as woody plants growing on the shorelines.’
    • ‘And, if you plant local aquatic species (such as the common cattail or sweet flag) in a drainage ditch or under a downspout, they act as a natural filter for pesticides in the water.’