Meaning of cat cafe in English:

cat cafe


(also cat café)
  • A cafe or similar establishment where people pay to interact with cats housed on the premises.

    ‘she was one of many waiting in line this morning for the opening of North America's first pop-up cat cafe’
    • ‘There are plans to bring a cat cafe to Los Angeles!’
    • ‘Tokyo now has at least 39 cat cafes, of which there are many different types.’
    • ‘Cat cafes have long been popular in Japan, where most people rent apartments in which pets are not allowed.’
    • ‘The cat cafe phenomenon began in Asia with the world's first opening in Taipei, Taiwan, in 1998.’
    • ‘It's hard to recollect much about my first cat cafe besides the unmitigated pleasure of the whole experience.’
    • ‘Online reservations for another Manhattan cat cafe are almost fully booked more than two months ahead.’
    • ‘But with a cat cafe, we witness the transformation of the stray animal from enemy to a friend of the neighborhood.’
    • ‘Cat cafes should be brought to the U.S. to provide stable, loving homes for cats that would thrive in that type of environment.’
    • ‘First in Japan and now even in Paris and London, a cat cafe may soon be coming to Boston as well.’
    • ‘The animal cafe trend began more than six years ago, primarily with cat cafes, but has since spread its wings.’