Meaning of catcher in English:



  • 1A person or thing that catches something.

    ‘a humane spider catcher’
    • ‘One reason for the increase is thought to be the foot-and-mouth epidemic two years ago which meant mole catchers could not get access to large expanses of land to control the mole population.’
    • ‘In 2001, 13 professional bird catchers were operating in the area, a number that by 2002 had risen to 24.’
    • ‘There are still plenty of wild goats on the Kerry mountains, but a problem nowadays is in finding goat catchers to help with the capture, according to Frank.’
    • ‘When these cages have been used awhile, they develop sharp edges and injure chickens as well as the catchers themselves.’
    • ‘Seconds later, the catchers had her and released her from the harness.’
    • ‘He sold himself as the latest in a dynasty of pigeon catchers.’
    • ‘He and fellow operators had argued that use of the dung catchers as an additional part of their horses' tack could compromise the welfare of the animals.’
    • ‘The Conservation and Land Management Department is looking for snake catchers.’
    • ‘Sounds like the chicken catchers, who are trying to unionize, are going to be a dying breed soon.’
    • ‘An appeal is being made to all volunteers from previous years to come along and new hare catchers will also be very welcome.’
    • ‘The glass on display included light catchers, mirrors, leaded panels and lamps.’
    • ‘He said the market for mosquito catchers in Europe and Asia is huge, and could secure hundreds of Scottish jobs.’
    • ‘You can't go out like the child catcher and round them up.’
    • ‘In Victoria it is seen as a vote catcher of real cultural significance.’
    • ‘You may need to empty the lint catcher if the water drains very slowly after a while.’
    • ‘There are badges made out of jigsaw pieces, a sun catcher made from an old plastic lid and plenty more.’
    • ‘He uses jingoism as a blatant vote catcher, and much to disgrace of the Australian electorate, it's working.’
    • ‘And what if your great great grandfather turns out to be a thief or rat - catcher rather than a member of the aristocracy?’
    • ‘Mental Health issues are not normally seen as a strong vote catcher.’
    1. 1.1Baseball A fielder positioned behind home plate to catch pitches not hit by the batter.
      • ‘He swings and misses a third strike on a pitch that bounces at the catcher's feet and rolls behind him.’
      • ‘A wild pitch is when the catcher misses it - if a man is on base he can easily steal a base, maybe two.’
      • ‘He is one of the best defensive catchers in baseball, but he has had hitting problems, especially against left-handers.’
      • ‘If he had such catchers to help him, he might, by now, have taken 600 Test wickets himself.’
      • ‘Actually the bowler and catcher do tend to meet up after getting a wicket and congratulate each other.’