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Pronunciation /ˈkatʃfreɪz/

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  • A well-known sentence or phrase, especially one that is associated with a particular famous person.

    ‘the movie gave the world the catchphrase ‘I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse’’
    • ‘I'm still worried that it implies that I'm the sort of crazy guy that stands in the pub quoting catchphrases from well-known British comedy programmes.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, it was soon replaced by other catchphrases.’
    • ‘I'd predict if things got even worse for the ad agencies and marketing writers of nonsense you'll be able to pick up your tag lines and catchphrases at the supermarket going half price on Tuesdays.’
    • ‘By the same token, such attention traps reduce any accompanying blurbs to simplifying catchphrases, slogans of common sense.’
    • ‘Each has a catchphrase or way of saying things that gets used a dozen or so times each adventure.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, our new advertising slogan is fast becoming a catchphrase.’
    • ‘While these catchphrases have been used and abused to the point of becoming banal, they are both historically accurate as well as symbolic of the attitudes that made the Apollo program in general a success.’
    • ‘Where would the humble technology reporter - or indeed the amusing news story - be without the bizarre and eclectic concoction of memes, and catchphrases that the internet has provided us with over the years?’
    • ‘But when you hear viewers' reactions during the screenings and see people doing the catchphrases in the street, there's a definite sense of pride that they're watching a world which they actually inhabit.’
    • ‘There was no fanatical gleam in his eye, no catchphrases, no spin - but still, I left the meeting convinced that I'd met the modern-day equivalent of Noah and we'd better start listening to him.’
    • ‘You have in-jokes and catchphrases and ‘remember when?’’
    • ‘And, as in the '60s, the catchphrases seem to spread far faster than any understanding of what's actually happening here.’
    • ‘The series was stuffed full of recurring characters, skits and, in particular, catchphrases, all of which were soon ringing around the school-halls and workplaces of America.’
    • ‘In keeping with the genre's established recipe, most of its skits are more like comedy rituals than sketches, in that the payoffs usually involve the anticipated repetition of catchphrases.’
    • ‘Every speaker steps up to the podium with all of the evening's pre-determined catchphrases and bullet points downloaded and ready to go.’
    • ‘These are people who are overly jubilant; who have catchphrases, memorizing clever lines of dialogue from popular movies.’
    • ‘Producers originally strived to stay away from the use of catchphrases, but bent the rules when the actors' delivery left them begging for more.’
    saying, quotation, quote, sound bite, slogan, catchline, catchword, motto, watchword, mantra
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