Meaning of catfight in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkatfʌɪt/

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  • A fight between women.

    • ‘The number of women who are seeking treatment at hospital casualty units after being injured in drunken catfights is rising sharply, consultants warn.’
    • ‘The house is a better place without you, although the catfights would have been good this next week.’
    • ‘So there they were, two actors being precious, having a catfight.’
    • ‘People like to paint it as girls having a catfight but it was more the frustration of not being perceived as a unit.’
    • ‘A grown-up lady, however, is better able to disguise her teenage urges and won't respond with a catfight.’
    • ‘The catfight has soured the atmosphere of the Big Brother house.’
    • ‘Teachers rushed out to stop the catfight, in which a small number of their students were involved, and the police were called.’
    • ‘Sharon refuses, and a catfight erupts between Chrissie and Sharon.’
    • ‘A group of about 20 scantily-clad screaming women had a drunken catfight in Southend town centre.’
    • ‘There could be a catfight on the cobbles between two of the north west's most feisty females for the right to call themselves mum of the year.’
    • ‘Andreas wouldn't admit it, but he loved walking in on their girlie catfights and quarrels about guys.’
    • ‘And when I say she got into fights, I don't mean catfights.’
    • ‘From the catfights to the challenges, I found every minute captivating.’
    • ‘One reason is that heroine and baddy are both female and the film climaxes with the mother of all catfights between the two leading ladies.’
    • ‘I saw plenty of catfights in my time as a dancer, although I managed to avoid being involved in any.’
    • ‘Thankfully there were still some decent action sequences (nothing beats a good catfight between two gorgeous blondes!’
    • ‘And now she has admitted having a catfight with her housekeeper in which both women ended up rolling around on the floor, grappling and screaming.’
    • ‘According to Star Magazine, there is a catfight going on at NBC.’
    • ‘What is it about a catfight that is so visually arresting?’
    • ‘They finally stopped their catfight to actually listen to me.’