Meaning of cauliflower fungus in English:

cauliflower fungus


  • An edible fungus which forms a distinctive fruiting body with a yellowish lobed surface, growing on wood and other plant debris.

    Also called brain fungus

    Genus Sparassis and family Sparassidaceae, class Hymenomycetes: several species

    ‘However, what is properly called cauliflower fungus in English belongs to another family.’
    • ‘Our western cauliflower fungus has a characteristic deep-rooted base, which the eastern cauliflower fungus lacks.’
    • ‘The more adventurous should also look out for the spectacular, nutty cauliflower fungus at the foot of pine trees or the under-appreciated oak milk cap, which has a carroty flavour.’
    • ‘Some rare fungi appear here also, for example the icicle, porcelain and cauliflower fungus, and the saffron milkcap.’
    • ‘Some of them used to be collected and consumed in the past: cauliflower fungus, toothed coral fungus and morels.’