Meaning of cavatina in English:


Pronunciation /ˌkavəˈtiːnə/

nounplural noun cavatine/ˌkavəˈtiːneɪ/ , plural noun cavatinas

  • 1Music
    A short operatic aria in simple style without repeated sections.

    ‘Erik is a mere operatic tenor lover, and his cavatinas have tunefulness enough, without a trace of the warmth of melody which characterises Wagner's later works.’
    • ‘His bright tenor was untiring in the taxing role, full of Italianate cavatinas.’
    • ‘In her cavatina ‘Me voila seule dans la nuit’ she spun the line beautifully.’
    • ‘For example, Act One loses the ‘Giovani liete’ choruses, Act Three loses the sextet, and Act Four loses Barbarina's cavatina, Marcellina's song about the he-goat and the she-goat, and Basilio's ‘In quegli anni.’’
    • ‘The Boccherini is superb as well, the overture and cavatina from ‘Clementina’, which I gather is a scandalously neglected masterpiece of the genre; I'd certainly like to hear more of it after this tempting nine minute excerpt.’
    1. 1.1A piece of lyrical instrumental music similar to a cavatina.
      ‘Berg also embeds within the score a number of self-contained closed forms: sonata-allegro, rondo, variation, canzonetta, cavatina, etc.’
      • ‘These pieces have both style and substance, epitomised by the brilliant concert variations on a Bellini cavatina, here played by de Beenhouwer.’


Early 19th century from Italian.