Meaning of cavesson in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkavɪs(ə)n/


  • 1A type of heavy bridle which lacks a bit and has a thick noseband fitted with rings to which a rein may be attached.

    ‘The horse should be quietly led into the area where his work will begin and the rein should be fastened to the centre ring on the cavesson and the side reins fitted as previously explained.’
    • ‘Longeing cavessons may be expensive, but cost can be justified if they are used on several horses.’
    • ‘Snap it on to your cavesson and always hold the lunge line in a manner that will allow it to peel off with tangling.’
    • ‘This is for no other reason other than I don't own a lungeing cavesson and they go perfectly well off the headcollar.’
    • ‘While some instructors like to use longeing cavessons, many people do not have them.’
    1. 1.1A simple noseband on a horse's bridle.
      ‘Many beginner horse owners and riders start off using the standard noseband or cavesson that comes with their bridle, unaware that a world of noseband options are out there.’
      • ‘This halter works under all types of bridles, cavessons and nosebands.’
      • ‘Adjust it loosely, just as you would an ordinary cavesson, and your horse will be comfortable.’
      • ‘You should now find that you are able to drive your horse forward whilst containing the energy with gentle pulls on the cavesson.’


Late 16th century from French caveçon, Italian cavezzone, based on Latin caput ‘head’.