Meaning of cavewoman in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkeɪvwʊmən/

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nounplural noun cavewomen

  • A prehistoric woman who lived in caves.

    ‘I was no longer going to look like a prehistoric cavewoman holed up in her room because of Z. No, I wouldn't even think about him.’
    • ‘They point to newly discovered prehistoric cave drawings (in S.W. France, no less) which reveal cavemen & cavewomen to be sensitive artists.’
    • ‘Psychologists call this the ‘Fight or Flight ‘stimulus response, which links back to the days when we were cavemen / cavewomen.’’
    • ‘It's a special prehistoric show with live-action segments featuring Patchy the Pirate as he tries to impart the modern-day relevance of the discoveries made by cavemen, cavewomen, and other cave-creatures.’
    • ‘People have probably been turned on by this sort of thing since the first caveman saw the first cavewoman eat the first carbonated dinosaur.’
    • ‘As is often the case in life, says director Jean-Paul Bankes-Mercer, the cavewoman is more interested in the mute caveman giving her the least attention.’
    • ‘That's why cavewomen didn't wear them, and frolicked naked, because Adam and Eve hadn't happened yet and rude bits didn't exist (have I got this chronology right?’
    • ‘It also has something to do with cavewomen who would chew meat up and pass it into their children's mouths to feed them.’
    • ‘Anish Harrison, a student and soul singer, 24, dressed as a cavewoman and stood in the town centre persuading shoppers to sign a petition against the UK importing and selling fur.’
    • ‘She told me I was a warrior, and that if I were a cavewoman, I would be the one to kill the wild boar.’
    • ‘I cleaned and cooked and looked after our daughter like a cavewoman.’
    • ‘Cailet began to laugh, and then said ‘We can play at being cavewomen.’’
    • ‘Men in the tribes would gather around a fire to watch loose cavewomen remove their filthy animal hides from their smelly, unshaven bodies.’
    • ‘The short subjects run the goofy gauntlet from a cavewoman stripping for her drowsy hubby to a strange cartoon about henpecked cavemen forced to provide their hideous wives with all manner of animal dress accessories.’
    • ‘And obviously, he saw her cavewoman manners of eating food.’
    • ‘Mother Shipton, cavewoman, visionary and bad poet, predicted it.’
    • ‘Behold, the amazing transformation to cavewoman.’
    • ‘Also exceptional is ‘My Doorbell’, a strutting piano soul number that contains the album's most immediately nagging melodic hook over Meg's effectively funky cavewoman stomp.’