Meaning of cavity wall in English:

cavity wall


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  • A wall formed from two thicknesses of brickwork or blockwork with a space between them.

    ‘While a wall with a 19 millimetre air space cannot be a cavity wall, it must perform as one.’
    • ‘The brick masonry in these locations is designed with a cavity wall, so why is it necessary to protect the face of the sheathing?’
    • ‘In a cavity wall, water that penetrates the exterior wythe is prevented from reaching the interior wythe because of the open air space between the two.’
    • ‘However, I now understand that if the wall in the kitchen where the boiler and air-vent are situated, is a cavity wall the problem might not be resolved.’
    • ‘Fire crews were alerted by children playing cricket in the school yard yesterday afternoon as fire spread through the cavity wall into a classroom.’
    • ‘Highfield Hospital chief Wyn Davies got the bird when he rescued a jackdaw that was trapped behind the cavity wall in his office.’
    • ‘I have had ants in my cavity wall for years and I can't seem to get rid of them although I have tried proprietary ant killers.’
    • ‘The fire is believed to have happened when the plumber was soldering a water pipe and insulation in the cavity wall caught fire.’
    • ‘But then Mrs Aksew heard scratching coming from a cavity wall in the kitchen.’
    • ‘Satana the grass snake managed to nudge the top off her cage and slithered through a hole in the kitchen into a cavity wall.’
    • ‘An insulated brick cavity wall resists heat gain more than 50 times better than double-reflective glass and nine times better than an insulated metal sandwich panel wall.’
    • ‘The Government's new ‘decent homes’ initiative includes central heating, double glazing, cavity wall and loft insulation, and modern kitchens and bathrooms.’
    • ‘This can be as much as 21 inches in width in a cavity wall construction, so ensure you know exactly what you are buying in useful square metres!’
    • ‘The cavity wall insulation work being offered could help residents save as much as £160 per year on energy bills.’
    • ‘This is compared to the brick-faced cavity wall construction which is the norm in this country.’
    • ‘Please investigate the recent concern over the cavity wall work that Stephen discovered.’
    • ‘The money will be used for the provision of gas or electric heaters, loft and cavity wall insulation, draught-proofing and central heating repairs.’
    • ‘Improvements to 4,000 homes over the next three years include new windows, central heating, rewiring and cavity wall and loft insulation.’
    • ‘Only in December last year she had new double-glazing installed and cavity wall insulation fitted by Bradford Council.’
    • ‘They were also told they would have to pay £800 for fascia work and guttering and £750 for replacement cavity wall ties.’