Main meanings of cc in English

: cc1CC2


Pronunciation /ˌsiːˈsiː/

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(also c.c.)
  • 1Carbon copy (used as an indication that a duplicate has been or should be sent to another person).

  • 2Cubic centimetre(s).

verbverb cc's, verb cc'ing, verb cc'd

(also c.c.)
[with object]
  • Send a copy of an email to (a third party).

    ‘One of them was cc'd to his boss.’
    • ‘Then I cc'd my local councillor (whom I have met a number of times over this matter).’

Main meanings of CC in English

: cc1CC2


Pronunciation /ˌsiːˈsiː/

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  • 1British City Council.

  • 2Companion of the Order of Canada.

  • 3British County Council.

  • 4British County Councillor.

  • 5Cricket Club.

  • 6Closed-captioned.

  • 7Cape Cod.