Meaning of CC cream in English:

CC cream


mass noun
  • A cosmetic product with a creamy formulation, typically lighter in texture than foundation, used to even out facial skin tone.

    ‘apply CC cream to cleansed and moisturized skin’
    • ‘use a CC cream in hot summer months to give your skin a chance to breathe’
    • ‘Industry sources estimate the new range of CC creams could generate $2 million in its first year at retail globally.’
    • ‘The next big thing is CC cream, says their cosmetics buyer.’
    • ‘A real CC cream should actually be making your skin look better - not just covering it up.’
    • ‘I told her about the CC cream I was wearing and she was blown away by how natural the coverage was.’
    • ‘I love the soft mousse-like, lightweight, and non-greasy texture of this CC cream.’


Early 21st century short for colour control cream or colour correcting cream.