Meaning of CCD in English:



  • Charge-coupled device, a high-speed semiconductor used chiefly in image detection.

    ‘Microscopes have even entered the digital age, using charge-coupled devices and digital cameras to capture images.’
    • ‘One award goes to the Waterhouse Lane imaging group which uses charge-coupled devices to reduce the need for dental X-rays.’
    • ‘Since George Smith and Williard Boyle developed the first charge-coupled device at Bell Labs in 1969, futurists and scientists have imagined an infinite number of uses for electronic imaging.’
    • ‘All images were captured digitally using a SenSys charge-coupled device camera (Roper Scientific, Tucson, AZ) attached to an Olympus BX60 epifluorescence microscope.’
    • ‘Two-dimensional diffraction patterns were recorded using a high-sensitivity charge-coupled device detector.’