Meaning of CD-RW in English:


Pronunciation /siːdiːɑːˈdʌbljuː/


  • A blank compact disc that can be recorded, erased, and rerecorded many times.

    ‘Standing for Compact Disc Rewritable, CD-RW overcame the write-once limitation of CD-R.’
    • ‘You may also find that you'll have to make do with a single optical drive and won't have the luxury of both a DVD player and a CD-RW.’
    • ‘By contrast, shipments of rewritable CD-RW have doubled recently.’
    • ‘Files can also be protected on USB Flash Drives, Memory Sticks, CD-RW, floppies and notebooks.’
    • ‘When it comes time to backup my entire hard drive, however, I chose to use an external CD-RW writer for my laptop.’
    • ‘By booting to Linux, the software is able to support the latest storage devices, such as CD-RW and writable DVD devices.’
    • ‘When I come home, I insert the second CD-RW and wait a half an hour.’
    • ‘Unlike CD-RW, the CD-R media has been around for a little over 10 years and is supported by almost all CD players.’
    • ‘It's a technique used by rewritable CD-RW discs today.’
    • ‘The CD-RW drive allows you to produce both write-once CD-R and rewritable CD-RW discs.’
    • ‘A larger, 30GB hard drive and a CD-RW option will both be made available through Apple's build-to-order service.’
    • ‘The Inspiron shortages stemmed from supply problems with 8x CD-RW drives and 32MB graphics cards.’
    • ‘For a bit more money you can get a CD-RW that records CDs or a DVD-ROM that plays DVD movies.’
    • ‘Thanks to a built-in CD-RW / DVD drive, it can rip and burn CDs, and play DVDs.’
    • ‘It includes a DVD / CD-RW, which allows you to both play and record any DVD or CD that you wish.’
    • ‘If you want to have the flexibility of recording and re-recording audio music, you will need to purchase a CD-RW disc.’
    • ‘I produced a Video-CD album of pictures using the bundled Roxio software and burned it to a standard CD-RW disc.’
    • ‘The 500MHz model is the first with a CD-RW drive, and provides 20GB of storage and 64MB of memory.’
    • ‘You'll also want to consider a DVD burner, and of course a CD-RW drive is a must for this category.’
    • ‘For both CD-RW and DVD drives, highly integrated front-end signal processors are now available on the market.’


1980s abbreviation of compact disc rewritable.