Meaning of CDS in English:


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  • ‘triggering the CDS might even help Europe reduce the risk of contagion in the months ahead’
    • ‘the lack of transparency in the CDS market has been harmful’
    • ‘Everything became a "crowded trade" - from equities, to junk, to converts, to CDS, to MBS, to manic homebuying.’
    • ‘Corporate bond spreads generally widened slightly, with auto bond and CDS spreads moderately wider this week.’
    • ‘In a disturbing new trend, international banks are creating syndicated credit facilities that "weaponise" credit default swaps (CDS) by using the trading price of a borrower's CDS to set the interest rate paid by the borrower.’
    • ‘Recently, it was reported that banks have started tying commercial loan interest rates to the price of a borrower's CDS.’
    • ‘My impression is that most CDS agreements run three to five years.’