Meaning of ceanothus in English:


Pronunciation /ˌsiːəˈnəʊθəs/


  • A North American shrub which is cultivated for its dense clusters of small, typically blue, flowers.

    Genus Ceanothus, family Rhamnaceae

    ‘Plants chosen for drought tolerance as well as color thrive here, including catmint (Nepeta ‘Blue Wonder’), ceanothus, lychnis, penstemon, purple coneflower, rockrose, rosemary, and star jasmine.’
    • ‘To distinguish a blue blossom ceanothus from a musk bush, for example, look for ridges on the plants' stems.’
    • ‘Take heel cuttings from ceanothus, penstemons, lavenders, santolinas and philadelphus.’
    • ‘You will soon have a thick, impenetrable hedge to enclose the fast-growing butterfly bush, Buddleia davidii (coppice it annually to promote flowers), or the heavenly blue blooms of enthusiastic ceanothus thrysiflorus.’
    • ‘It's a good time to thin out weak branches of ceanothus and to shorten remaining growths (not into old wood).’


Modern Latin, from Greek keanōthos, denoting a kind of thistle.