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Pronunciation /ˈsiːdə/

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  • Any of a number of conifers that typically yield fragrant, durable timber.

    a large tree of the pine family (genus Cedrus, family Pinaceae), in particular the cedar of Lebanon (C. libani), with spreading branches, and the deodar.
    a tall slender North American or Asian tree (genus Thuja, family Cupressaceae), in particular the western red cedar (T. plicata).

    ‘Conifers are evergreen trees and shrubs that include pines, spruces, firs, arborvitae, junipers, cedars and yews.’
    • ‘The huge evergreen family includes botanicals such as European mistletoe, rosemary, cloves, allspice and holly, as well as conifers, including pines, cedars and cypress.’
    • ‘There are huge Douglas firs, cedars, and hemlocks behind us, and cougars come down to the lake to drink.’
    • ‘And unlike other conifers, Port-Orford cedars produce seeds at a young age.’
    • ‘The new building was erected on the site of Swords House, an important 18th century residence which stood there until the 1980s and whose evergreen oaks and cedars still remain in front of the new offices.’


Old English, from Old French cedre or Latin cedrus, from Greek kedros.