Meaning of cedi in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsiːdi/

nounplural noun cedi, plural noun cedis

  • The basic monetary unit of Ghana, equal to 100 pesewas.

    ‘Non-Ghanaian nationals pay ten times more than Ghanaian nationals: ten thousand cedis (approximately four dollars) instead of one thousand cedis (approximately forty cents).’
    • ‘Though they account for just two per cent of the Kuapa farmers’ total business, the $150 premium goes a long way in Ghana where the cedi is so devalued.’
    • ‘The cedi dropped 12 cents against the U.S. dollar and 83 cents against the pound at the end of April.’
    • ‘Buyers look at the conversion table posted near the cards to find the price in cedis.’
    • ‘Ashanti Goldfields was one of the big winners, ending the week at more than 28,000 cedis.’


Of Ghanaian origin, perhaps an alteration of shilling.