Meaning of ceinture in English:


Pronunciation /sãˈtjʊə/

nounplural noun ceintures/sãˈtjʊə/

  • A girdle or belt.

    ‘The corners are gathered together in a rosette and knotted along the ceinture so as to overlap slightly, while the lower end floats free.’
    • ‘It is worn from the ceinture in front, and looks much like a row of very elongated little bells, which clash together with a musical tinkle at every movement of the wearer.’
    • ‘Most recognizable were the brightly colored, woven sashes, or ceintures.’
    • ‘She forms a knot in Guigemar's chemise that only she can untie, and he places a ceinture around her waist that only he can unfasten.’
    • ‘I asked her to consult the evidence of her eyes, and whether such a costume, braided hair with jewels, and an embroidered gown with rich ceinture, had at all a manly appearance.’
    girdle, sash, strap, cummerbund, waistband, band, girth


Late Middle English via French from Latin cinctura (see cincture).