Meaning of celadon in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsɛlədɒn/


mass noun
  • 1A willow-green colour.

    as modifier ‘panelling painted in celadon green’
    • ‘an elegantly cut celadon dress’
    • ‘We set off, testing our legs beside the Arun Khola that runs celadon green, wide and whispering through its namesake Arun Valley.’
    • ‘Then put the above advice to work in the reverse: choose a celadon green sofa, with cushions in brick red and celadon, or in deep gold and brick red.’
    • ‘Allowing herself to go bold when that felt right, Reva chose crimson for the dining room, sunburst orange for the office, celadon green for the bedroom, and pale lemony citron for the living room.’
    • ‘Rendered in black augmented by a thin sienna pinstripe, each is a variation on a halved or quartered circle which floats below center in a field of pale, luminous celadon green.’
    • ‘The glistening celadon green urn creates a cool, eye-catching fountain on the rear terrace.’
    • ‘The calming sound of water tickled the ear while it trickled from a metal candy-cane-shaped faucet into the marble bathtub to form a deep celadon green sea that would ease even the most extreme case of midterm anxiety.’
    • ‘In the restaurant, the wood furniture is starkly black, the walls are a cool celadon green, and the towering banquettes on one side of the room appear to have been molded from some dark, plasticized material by Prada.’
    • ‘Nor would you need to decipher the words celadon, seafoam or aqua for Llewelyn-Bowen, a man who'd never shout: ‘Why the hell can't you just say green?’’
    • ‘The stalks may be a pale celadon colour or vivid scarlet (rhubarb or ruby chard).’
    • ‘In addition to the Clear Glass and Satin White Crackle glazes, the 10 new colors in this series are fog gray, amber, beige, leaf green, celadon, peach, pink, light red and yellow.’
    • ‘The lounge is elegance incarnate, with its warm woods, smooth marble, soothing colours and fabrics of salmon and celadon.’
    • ‘The ocean is the most extraordinary shades of celadon, peridot, emerald, and teal.’
    • ‘From ice pink and Crayola green to celadon, pearl and new shades of white, he demonstrated a steady hand in incorporating these colours into his regular palette of black, brown, ivory copper and olive.’
    • ‘The color scheme now spans two rooms, with celadon in the dining room chairs and the white of the balusters reflected in the adjacent living room.’
    • ‘Related colors include Aero Blue, reminiscent of a sky at dusk, and Wasabi, a sheer wash of celadon.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, the trend of bringing the garden inside may promote the use of all shades of green, from celadon to citrus.’
    • ‘Royal summer has crowned the Malahat with emerald and jade and celadon.’
    • ‘In it the pale celadon framing element surrounds an only slightly darker green ground.’
    • ‘The river goes dark then brightens to a dull celadon.’
    • ‘There was a long celadon dining table and Philippe pulled out a chair for her.’
    1. 1.1A grey-green glaze used on pottery, especially that from China.
      ‘a classic glaze such as celadon’
      • ‘His technique involves throwing beakers, bowls, bottles and lidded jars in Limoges porcelain, which are then glazed using combinations of tenmoku and a deep celadon.’
      • ‘Its complexity pulls the viewer around it to notice the edges of the raw clay poking through the luscious gloss of its dark celadon glaze.’
    2. 1.2Pottery made with celadon glaze.
      ‘celadon from the Sung period’
      • ‘a large celadon dish’
      • ‘Klein and Reid's inspiration comes from such far-flung sources as American diner china, antique Asian celadons, and Dutch tulipieres, which inspired their crushingly elegant series of rose bowls and tulip vases.’
      • ‘After Yoo died in 1993, Tani started exhibiting his own Koryo celadon wares, including an exhibition in October in Vienna.’
      • ‘Jaya accentuated on colors to support the theme and used mainly dark red, white and gold to accompany a beautiful collection of antique jade and several 14th century celadon dishes from Sukhothai, Thailand.’
      • ‘The most expensive Korean artwork to be auctioned so far in Korea was a piece of celadon, or Korean ceramic, that sold for 1.6 billion won last December at auction.’
      • ‘The most common ceramics to be found in Indonesia are green-glazed wares, conventionally called celadon.’
      • ‘The pieces likely to reach the highest prices are a rare Ming celadon incense burner dating from the 15th century and some encrusted martaban jars.’
      • ‘By 1972, Oldenburg transformed these waterworks into the regal celadon Proposal for a Cathedral in the Form of a Colossal Faucet, Lake Union, Seattle.’
      • ‘Korea is known for its ceramics, especially the celadon.’
      • ‘Kannikar Ottesen presents the valuable celadon bowl to Bruce Hoppe.’
      • ‘His antiques are still there, his celadon collection and his wine cellar.’
      • ‘During his stay in the country, Ma is scheduled to attend an international celadon exposition and visit facilities for garbage disposal, the spokesman said.’
      • ‘Solon was inspired by a Chinese celadon case decorated with embossed flowers that he had admired in the museum at Sevres where he worked for a time.’
      • ‘One large celadon work of a 17th century Portuguese figure on the wall has some cracks that occurred during the journey from the country.’
      • ‘Centrally in each window, set against curtains which blocked all view of the shop's interior, resting on elegant carpet of dove grey, was a celadon Chinese urn.’
      • ‘South Korean ceramicist Cho Kyung-soo unveils a $2,400 celadon soccer ball on November 1 in Yoju, about 100 km southwest of Seoul.’
      • ‘As he devoted his time to making celadon and baking pottery, he felt the need to make the village feel like home and introduce culture to the residents.’
      • ‘Zhou Wu professes a great admiration for ancient forms - hardly surprising given that the Zhejiang native grew up in the heart of China's renowned celadon region of Longquan.’
      • ‘The reason being, that the prizes were two exquisite specimens of the most beautiful works of celadon matched only by the finest produced during the Ming dynasty.’
      • ‘The Koryo celadon, dating back to the Koryo state, is famous for its beauty and exquisite color.’
      • ‘Korean craftspeople are also known for their celadon ceramics, a term that refers to a type of greenish glaze that originated in China.’


Mid 18th century from French céladon, a colour named after the hero in d'Urfé's pastoral romance L'Astrée (1607–27).